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Welcome Letter from Father

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Welcome Letter from Father 

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Welcome to our 27th St. Nicholas Opa Fest!

We are very pleased that you have come to help us celebrate our 27TH anniversary! OPA!

It is hard to believe that 27 years have passed so quickly. Thank you to everyone who have supported us throughout these years and allowed us to share our rich heritage and faith. Especially, we welcome everyone who is visiting us for the first time. Please enjoy!

For our 27th Opa! Fest, we will have many of our usual foods including a sumptuous lamb shank dinner, keftedes (Greek style meatballs), lamb sliders, cheese and spinach pies, and much more to please your palate. We continue with our live entertainment, featuring the Onerio Band, cooking demonstrations, hundreds of costumed dancers, and the “Greek Iron Chef Competition”. This year, we are happy to have Maria Benardis, the Gourmet Winning Author, join us, demonstrating and teaching about our Greek cuisine and wellness!

As always, we invite you to indulge in our sweet pastry delicacies, delicious food, ample drink, and please visit our place of worship, our beautiful Byzantine Style, Saint Nicholas Church.

Finally, to complete your evening, please enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee or frappe, some mouth-watering pastries, and our honey-drenched loukamades (honey puffs)

Thank you for your tremendous support! A special thanks to our Opa! Fest sponsors.

God Bless You, always!

Proud Sponsors


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