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Opa! Fest

Cooking & Food

2019 - Opa Fest - Banner Photo


Admit it. You probably upset your grandmother a lot when you were a kid.  Or you had a Greek friend that did. Trying to explain to your friends why she was yelling at you with a wooden spoon in her hand. Oh, what stories are shared at Greek Festivals around the country everyone has a memory to share.

Yiayia’s mass destruction spoon. Who would have thought that Yiayia (Greek grandmother) was the most violent?

But, ”Kouzina thn Giagias ola nostima” (in Grandma’s kitchen all is delicious)

Come and see the Greek YIAYIAs battle each other for the that most sought after “Golden Koutali”. St. Nicholas vs Sts. Constantine & Helen. Come see whose cuisine reigns supreme.

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