SERVICE TIMES:  Sunday Orthos 8:30 AM   |    Sunday Divine Liturgy 9:30 AM   |   Weekday Orthos 8:30 AM (as scheduled)   |   Weekday Divine Liturgy 9:30 AM (as scheduled)

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Guidelines for Respectful Service

It is important that all parishioners and visitors to our St. Nicholas Church follow some
basic  etiquette guidelines, to ensure that we maintain an atmosphere where peaceful, meaningful, and distraction-free prayer can occur.  Here are some general reminders on proper Church etiquette that must be followed for all church services:

  • Please be on time.  Divine Liturgy starts PROMPTLY at 9:30am.  As adults, we must set a positive example for others that arriving for Church on time, is more important that arriving on time for an athletic event.
  • Refrain from any loud conversations in the Narthex or in any part of the Church while services are being conducted.
  • When entering the Church, especially during services, please remember that you are in God’s House.  Be reverent and mindful of others engaged in prayer.
  • Enter the Church thru the right or left side aisle doors.  Please do not enter the Church thru the center aisle as it creates a distraction for everyone, including the Priests.
  • Please be mindful that you are in God’s house.  Please wear attire modest attire and “appropriate” for Church. 
  • Please follow the directions from the ushers, especially when receiving Holy Communion.  For receiving Holy Communion, the order is as follows:
    • Alter Boys
    • Choir Members
    • Infants and their parents/godparents
    • Children from Sunday School and their parents/godparents
    • Parishioners in the church.  The Ushers will direct everyone, row by row, to receive Holy Communion.  Please do not jump in line.
    • Parishioners that are waiting in the Narthex to receive Holy Communion.
    • Ushers
  • Refrain from chewing gum in Church, especially when preparing to receive Holy Communion.
  • Refrain from eating in Church.  If you have infants or young children that must eat, please use the cry room.
  • Blot your lipstick before you receive Holy Communion, venerating icons, or kiss the Holy Gospel or the Priest’s hand and vestments.  Be aware that lipstick stains the Bible and the hand or vestments of the Priest.
  • Please make sure your cell phone is on vibrate or silent.  Please do not make or accept any calls in Church or the Narthex.  In case of an emergency phone call, please exit the Church and proceed directly into the hallway leading to the Administrative Offices.
  • Whenever the Priest is facing the congregation, or is outside the altar on the Solea, either censing or blessing, everyone should stand. 
  • Do not enter the Church when the Priest is facing the congregation.
  • After receiving Holy Communion, please return to your seat via the right or left aisles to return to your seat.  Do not go use the center aisle.

On the rare occasion that we have a medical emergency in Church, please obey all instructions from the Ushers and medical personnel.  Our St. Nicholas Church is blessed to have many doctors and nurses as parishioners.  Please let them do their jobs without disruption.

Thank you.

Rev. Fr. Bill Bartz