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Opa! Dancers

Opa! Dancers

What Are The St. Nicholas Opa! Dancers?

The OPA! Dancers area Greek Folk Dance Troup are hosted at our St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Troy, Michigan.  Through the endeavours of the dancers and instructors we preserve, promote, and protect our Greek Heritage and culture through dance and music. In our program, we offer instruction in Greek Folk Dancing for dancers of all abilities, ages and level.

Greece is one of the few places in the world where folk dance is still kept alive. It’s a vivid expression of human feeling and our everyday life! The Greeks dance at religious festivals, weddings, baptisms and other celebratory ceremonies. Almost every dance has a story to tell. Traditional dances continue to be passed on from generation to generation to maintain help people maintain their national identity.

The OPA! Dancers came together in 1993 with the goal of promoting and preserving the Greek Folk Dance tradition in a friendly environment. St Nicholas is very proud of our Greek Folk Dance program. The dancers and the instructors attend dance seminars and workshops to further promote and enhance their education of the Greek history and tradition of dance. The instructors have spent countless hours learning new dances and are very dedicated to the dancers in promoting our Hellenism. 

The groups perform dances from various regions of Greece and the dancers proudly wear authentic costumes from those regions. We have over 200 dancers from all of the various parishes from the Metropolitan Detroit Area. They consist of groups ranging in age from preschool to college students.

Events & Activities

Our dancers perform at our annual OPA! Fest, Greek Dances, Greek Festivals, Project Hope, Ronald McDonald House, private functions, International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, Detroit Festival of Arts, Detroit Institute of Arts, and other charitable events. 

Our program welcomes dancers beginning from age 3 through college-level students.  We are truly blessed to have over 200 dancers in our program! Practices are held on Tuesdays from 6:30 p.m.—7:30 p.m., and our first practice will begin in March.  Please take a moment to register online.  All of our communication is done via email.

Thank you to those who participated in this year's Greek Independence Day Parade.  Please enjoy this video from Fox 2 News that features some of our Opa! Dancers!

Opa! Dancers Leadership 

The following is a list of individuals that dedicate their time to teach our Opa! Dancers new Greek folk dances, as well as to coach dancers on existing dances they have learned.  

Name Position
Tina Souphis Opa! Dancers Dance Instructor

Please click here to send an email to the Opa! Dancers.  Our email address is

Registering For The St. Nicholas Opa! Dancers

Click HERE to register online to participate in the St. Nicholas Opa! Dancers.

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