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St. Nicholas Choir

What Is The St. Nicholas Choir?
Do you have a passion for singing?  Do you have "that voice" that offers harmony and vibrance?  Does your voice resonate when you sing in the shower?  If so, we need your talents for our St. Nicholas Choir.

Our St. Nicholas Choir participates actively in nearly every Divine Liturgy and Worship Service of our church.  Besides offering responses during worship services, the choir also serves our community by giving the youth an opportunity to express their love for singing by conducting a children's choir.

Our St. Nicholas Choir warms up at 9:30am each Sunday morning andmeets for rehearsal following the Divine Liturgy on Sunday's until 1:00 pm.  During the Lenten Salutation Services, the choir also provides a light Lenten dinner each of the five (5) nights.

Members Of Our Choir

St. Nicholas Choir
Joan Dallis      
Tina Daniels      
Anne Feles      
Helen Hilton      
Olga Kiousis      
Mary Lafter      
Penelope Moninas-Seaborn      
Caitlyn Parry      
Ann Zampetis      
Corry Haddad      
Kessie Kaltsounis      
Anita Kondylis      
Pam Nikitas      
Jan Peronis      
Pete Bashakas      
James Contos      
Stratos Dallis      
Steve Kitakis      
Tom Constand      
Gus Dallis      
Rob Filarecki      
Mike Haddad      

Events & Activities

Click here to see some great photographs from the MEFGOX 72nd Annual Convention.  Thank you Nick Kaltsounis for the photography.

Choir Leadership

Name Position
Benjamin Findlan  Chior Director
Shannon Filarecki  Assistant Choir Director

Please click here to send an email to the Choir.  Our email address is

Joining Our St. Nicholas Choir
If you have a true passion for singing, or simply want to enjoy our worship services by offering your voice, please join our St. Nicholas Choir by contacting Shannon Filarecki or Corry Haddad.

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